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Automation of load translations

! Transitique industrielle

Tools for automated load transfer

SWD drives can be adapted to all load transfer axis automation needs in intralogistics, with a minimum of development and integration effort. The certified safety control bricks accelerate the market introduction of innovative solutions that comply with applicable regulations.

Safety and reliability requirements: 

  • Unique safety features that comply with ISO 3691-4 
  • Products designed for continuous operation

Integrator expectations:

  • Modular and compact actuators with integrated control
  • Standardised control interfaces that are quick to implement


  • Safe machine operation for operators
  • Simple architectures for easy maintenance of solutions

Our solutions for industrial transfer

Automation of a transfer axis with a few components!

[+] More than one tonne of load moved per motorised axle

SWD® 150 wheels and SWD® Core motors can move up to 1.5 tonnes per motor on flat concrete floors. The drives can be easily linked to provide multi-wheel or multi-axle systems capable of moving several tonnes.

[+] Continuous operation

SWD® products are designed to provide continuous duty cycles in intralogistics or industrial applications, operating 24/7.

[+] Simple and standardised interfaces

SWD® drives have standard CANopen CiA/DS 402 interfaces for motor control, and safety loops ready to connect to all safety sensors on the market.

Gamme SWD
Les motorisations SWD permettent d'automatiser les applications de transitique 2

SWD® drives enable automation of material handling applications

Trois axes du Smart Pallet Mover sont motorisés par le moteur sécuritaire SWD Core

Three axes of the Smart Pallet Mover are powered by the safe SWD® Core motor

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