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Robots for logistics applications

! Robotisation entrepots

Means for automated logistics

SWD® solutions enable the automation of all order picking, Good-to-Man, automated storage or pallet and package conveying applications for the modern logistics warehouse.

Safety and reliability requirements:

  • Exclusive safety features in accordance with ISO 3691-4
  • Products designed for continuous operation

Integrator expectations:

  • Pre-configured control and safety routines
  • Minimum footprint to facilitate customised solutions


  • Safe machine operation for operators
  • Simple architectures facilitating the maintenance of solutions

Our solutions for warehouse robotisation

The toolbox for robotising all logistics flows!

[+] Collaborative solutions

The integrated safety control of SWD® products allows the rapid implementation of mobile robots operating in close proximity to operators, in complete safety.

[+] Application to all movements

All movements, ground, overhead, vertical or 3-axis, can be motorised with SWD® products and controlled individually or centrally.

[+] Sizing for packages and pallets

A mobile robot equipped with two SWD® 150 wheels can independently move a parcel weighing a few kilos as well as a pallet weighing more than a ton.

Safety on board ez wheel SWD
Le format du moteur SWD Core est adapté aux robots de transfert de bacs et palettes

 The SWD® Core motor format is suitable for bin and pallet transfer robots

Les roues SWD 150 facilitent le développement de robots logistiques collaboratifs

SWD® 150 wheels facilitate the development of collaborative logistics robots

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