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Motorized assistance in an outdoor environment

realisation serie 10 drone agricole

Green mobility

Adding an electrical motorization on rolling equipment or vehicles facilitates and optimizes every trip while preserving environment. Motorize any rolling equipment used in public spaces such as street trolleys, land drone, delivery carts with ez-Wheel® electric wheels.

Our product offer is made for responding the public space sector's requirements:


  • ability to climb slopes
  • any kind of equipment motorization
  • clean and quiet motorization


  • easy, safe and intuitive use
  • professional risk, especially MSD (Musculoskeletal disorders) reduction

Our solutions for public spaces

Green mobility for all environments.

[+] Multi-environments, multi-uses

The ezW10R/W wheel can be used on maintenance and delivery equipment or even agricultural machinery.

[+] Hight level of manoeuvrability

Two ezW10R/W wheels driven by two ezAAR joysticks allow all complex manoeuvres.

electric wheel serie 10 W 0
realisation serie 10 street trolley

Street trolley motorized with two ez-Wheel® Series 10 electric wheels

realisation serie 10 agricultural drone

Land drone motorized with two ez-Wheel® Series 10'' electric wheels

ez-Wheel products adapted to the sector

Ref. ezW10R/W
electric wheel serie 10 W 0
picto wireless EN
  • delivery carts
  • land drones
  • (...)
Main Specifications
Format / diameter 400 mm
Speed 0 to 15 km/h
Type of tyre 10x4 road tyre
Nominal power 250 W (S1 to 10 km/h)
Battery capacity 240 Wh
Peak torque 52 Nm
Control Ref. ezRTH/W/IP
accessories smart control ezRTH W IP 0
picto IP65 EN picto wireless EN picto horn EN
  • pusher/pullers
  • food processing machines
  • outdoor applications
Joystick Ref. ezAAR
accessories smart control ezAAR
picto IP67 EN
  • joystick APEM 3000 Series
  • manual trucks
  • industrial motors
Joystick Ref. ezAARmini
accessories smart control ezAARmini
picto IP67 EN
  • APEM Series TS joystick
  • medical carts
  • control panels