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Motorized assistance in logistic, retail and e-commerce

Visuel domaine logistics retail

Support the production rate increase

Adding an electrical motorization on manual handling engine allows supporting the production rate increase while preserving the health of order picker. Motorize any rolling equipment in logistics and retail sector such as order preparation trolleys, picking trolleys or pusher/puller with ez-Wheel® electric wheels.

Our product offer is made for responding the logistics and retail sector's requirements:


  • flexible handling between different order preparation steps
  • trips optimization
  • double the load transported on a shift


  • peak pushing effort reduction
  • working conditions improvement
  • easy, safe and intuitive use of the handling equipment

Our solutions for the logistics and retail sectors

Products made for repetitive and intensive use.

[+] Multiple starts and stops

ez-Wheel® electric wheels are specifically developed to ensure thousands of successive picking trolley starts and stops, and offer acceleration and deceleration assistance, with automatic motor brake and free-wheel control.

[+] An easy mechanical integration

The ezW160M+ electric wheel compactness with its castor standards dimensions facilitates mechanical integration, either as original equipment or retrofitted from existing trolleys.

[+] Productivity gain observed

Motorization increases the carrying capacity and reduces the number of trips.
Trolley’s puller powered by the ezW300I/WR electric wheel can move a train of 4 preparation trolleys at the same time.

ez Wheel Serie 300I 160M
realisation serie 300I pusher puller

Pusher/puller motorized by an ez-Wheel® Series 300I electric wheel

realisation serie 160M order preparation trolley

Order preparation trolley motorized by an ez-Wheel® Series 160M electric wheel

realisation serie 160M picking trolley

Picking trolley motorized by an ez-Wheel® Series 160M electric wheel

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ez-Wheel products adapted to the sector

electric wheel ez wheel serie 300I
picto regen EN picto wireless EN
  • industrial handling tools
  • towed rolling equipment
  • trolleys
  • pusher/pullers
Main Specifications
Format / diameter 300 mm
Max vertical load Up to 300 kg
Speed 0 to 9 km/h
Type of tyre 80 sh.A polyurethane
Nominal power 12 daN at 6 km/h
Battery capacity 240 Wh
Peak torque 52 Nm
Pushing effort 35 daN / 1000 kg moved
Ref. ezW160M+0
electric wheel ez wheel serie 160M+
picto high pressure EN picto antistatic EN
  • catering trolleys
  • transfer chairs and beds
  • rolling equipment for hospitals
Main Specifications
Format / diameter 158 mm
Max vertical load Up to 50 kg
Speed 0 to 5 km/h
Type of tyre 70 sh.A polyurethane
Nominal power 9 daN at 5 km/h
Battery capacity 0/70/140 Wh (0/1/2 batteries)
Peak torque 22 Nm
Pushing effort 27 daN / 750 kg moved
Option(s) Additional battery
Control Ref. ezRTH/W
accessoires smart control ezRTH W 0
picto IP54 EN picto wireless EN
  • pusher/pullers
  • industrial hand trucks
  • heavy load carriers
Joystick Ref. ezAAR
accessories smart control ezAAR
picto IP67 EN
  • joystick APEM 3000 Series
  • manual trucks
  • industrial motors
Joystick Ref. ezAARmini
accessories smart control ezAARmini
picto IP67 EN
  • APEM Series TS joystick
  • medical carts
  • control panels