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From the discovery of ez-Wheel® solutions to the assessment after one year of use, Mr Gelineau - Process Engineer at Scania Production Angers - comes back to all the major stages in the transformation of a transfer line.

ez Wheel user word SCANIA 2021 01

"We were looking for a solution to an old ergonomic problem on our production line. Specifically, to move from the 'Chassis' line to the 'Assembly' line, the operators had to put the chassis on a cart and push it by hand (...) there was a lot of effort involved."

ez Wheel user word SCANIA 2021 02

"For a year now, this has no longer been a blockage point and we have finally been able to feminize our teams. The ergonomic ratings for these positions were very red; they are green now (...) with a solution that is actually quite simple, the risk of an injury is eliminated and the health of our operators is preserved."

ez Wheel user word SCANIA 2021 03

"The big advantage of the wheels ez-Wheel® is that they eliminated ergonomic problems without fundamentally changing the flow, while maintaining flexibility."